“Will Currency Purchased at a Bank” – be Group 4b or Group 5?

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    Submitted by Chow

    All my statements are my opinions only

    There was a question that came from my last article .

    Q – Will I be notified of the currency I bought (dong) from a bank ?? Will I be with the 4b group or 5 group I have been listening for years.

    1st, thank you for reading my article and responding – Wonderful question.

    If you bought foreign currency from a bank or Currency Exchange Center , “ it is all the same from an exchange value” standpoint , zero difference .  Vietnam Dong is Vietnam Dong as long as it isn’t counterfeit.

    If you bought it from a bank , assuming you are a customer and they have your e-m , it has been said the Bank will notify you . If you purchased it from a Currency Exchange Center , they will not notify you at all . The Currency Exchange Center is not a bank. The bank wants to exchange and will take a predetermined exchange fee of your exchanged money , so look for an e-m . It has been said the amount the bank takes has been set,  so your exchange is a set amount not negotiated,  it will be easy

    From this point on , this is where the difference is .

    What Group or Tier will you be in ? 4b or group tier 5 ??  The Group / Tier you are in can be determined by the amount of currency you have but more so how much time you decide you want to spend.

    Group / Tier 5 is considered the general Public . Tier 5 will be getting the standard rate what ever is on the bank screen . It may change hourly what ever it is . It is set up to be easy , go in say I have Vietnam (for example) Dong , they say how much , they say .50 – $75 cents , they might say I will have one of our wealth mangers chat with you for the exchange and it is done . That has been the chatter . It is designed to be v3ery simple .

    What is 4b ?  —-  you can be in 4b if you want to —  4b are people that take the extra effort to follow intel sites – When you follow the sites , you are considered the 4b group that spread the word to help humanity , be more aware what is coming , not just the currency exchange . What is the other reason to be PART OF 4B ?? All past conversations confirm you could get 2-3-4 times the amount of Group / Tier 5 . Yes,  2-3-4 times can be huge . It is all up to you . As a point of conversation only . If you want tier 5 and went to the bank to make it simple , you may exchange for .50 cents. If you took the extra effort and tried to participate intel site as 4b , the rate could be $1.50 – $2.50 . Yes a huge difference .

    What are some Intel site that could align yourself with as 4b ?

    • Dinar Guru
    •  Dinar Land
    • Dinar Recaps
    • Dinar Chronicles 
    • A load more


    If you want simplicity , , just go to the bank when the screens show new rates, and you will automatically be in Group / Tier 5.  But understand you will more than likely leave a load of dimes (dollars) on the table leaving and never recover it . As they say in life , simple is never wrong “if” you chose simple.

    If you want to take some extra effort , Join or follow some intel sites and they will publish an 800# when the time is hear. You call , you will be screened who you are, set an appointment and be there it has been said 10 minutes early . If you miss it , you will go to the back of the line rescheduling but still be part of 4b. The locations are highly secure and not talked about until the 800# day as 4b. Could they be at some predetermined banks? Possibly yes, but many say no. They will ask you to bring 2 forms ID – either DL , PP or an original Birth Cert, Plus 2 copies of either your utilities , cell , mortgage bills with your name and address . When you call , and they ask for your name , be consistent what is on your PP , DL B Cert .

    Some people can say people in 4b have larger currency amounts than Group/Tier 5. In most cases yes . In my opinion , if you want to but the effort into 4b regardless of your amount  — They will not ask you the amount you have , so go for it if you want to

    If you want to consider 4b,  but are a bit intimidated , partner up with a friend . It always good to have friends that are watching as well to keep each other informed or watch the site for the Grand day if you are busy .

    Be Safe & Humble –  Remember Family , Friends and Humanity when Blessed.


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