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    Emailed from Chow:

    All comments are my opinion.

    I have been reading the Intel as all of you and I must say, I’m surprised and a bit frustrated at all the RV timing comments.

    We all must remember there are 2 major components of the Global Currency Reset:

    (1) NESARA / GESARA package
    (2) RV of 209 countries with approx. 29 countries in the 1st bundle as they have been saying .

    Both components must match from a timing standpoint . Both are insanely complex to complete let alone implement.

    I do believe we are very close.

    It has been said may times, don’t look at major contact comments for the RV dates . They have been doing this for years more-so the last 6-12 months – crazy the last month . Most of the time the dates are centered around catching bad guys .  This time , can they be accelerating the date comments to throw people off once again ***  then boom it shows up ??  Maybe , but one thing I truly believe , I feel multiple events are formulating the real story and we are close .  Look at US and International issues and you will see, health , water , politics , shipping , Global leaders, dropping the US dollar globally   etc

    Pricing has been kicked around the last month like a pinball machine . Folks , if you believe in NESARA / GESARA and the Contact rate as I do  etc.  What is being said on the back screen , front screen  etc , Iraq’s comments have little to nothing to do with tier 4b let alone the “Tier 3” .  Don’t get caught up in the screen hype . Yes,  it is part of the Iraq launch and other countries progress as a picture , but the numbers are not our numbers .

    We must remember , the “RV for us will be Stealth” , the public will not know about “tier 3” or tier 4b.  Repeating- That is why the Front and Back Screen mean something “the country is getting close”,  but the numbers mean nothing to us

    I have a few higher up contacts that have confirmed German , Asian bonds  , 2 Indian tribes and some others have been paid. What is paid ? Look at the words carefully.  Remember paid in my opinion is more than likely logged and sitting in the basket probably the Quantum , some a Pay Master,  and they have received the smaller initial amount . They are not going to give anyone or folks $1,000’s of trillion to pump in the economy before the NESARA / GESARA RV shut down . The US / Globe needs to ****** so it can be rebuilt with what ? You and I along with the mega exchanges / purchase .

    We are close –

    Have a wonderful 2023 start and my we all be blessed soon and understand the responsibility to help our families , friends and humanity


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    All days past and gone, and nothing come.

    Every day, every weeks, it’s for next week and next day. Or tomorrow…
    I follow it since 2014 and all infos send have been hoax.
    More… I’ve found an June 2003 publication from Alexander, a RV gourou and it was “within next hours…”

    Fact is when you have something to talk.
    All infos about Dubaï unverifiable and unverified
    I’ve seen yesterday here, that France is under White Hat control.
    I can say it’s completly false. I’m in France, and all that I see is that we are at 2 step from Civil War.
    Macron is a Deep State Puppet

    We are now Jan 28th, and what?
    Nothing, as ever…
    Infos are ever fakes.
    Judy, Bruce, Mark Z should have to stop to smocking weed, or worst.
    Whatever infos they send, it’s always fake.
    Haw can we make projects like that, with those scammers..?
    How can we trust them, if they not able to send nothing else than hoax…?
    Except from thoes 3 hoaxing sources, anyone have others infos ?


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