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    RV – Time Table:

    There is a lot of frustration out there . Yes, many are short of cash and more, but we must look at the big picture whether we like it or not .

    Remember , there are 2 major parts to the Chess Game Puzzle of the Global Currency reset.

    1. NESARA / GESARA – US and Global . They are all integrated together . Throw in the Quantum Globally , integrated with Global Tier 1-2-3 banks Gold backed , bank balance sheets must balance and a slue more things must be finished to manage Sextillion’s – Globally Folks.

    1. Now , add in the 2nd huge component, the Global Currency Rest . 209 countries resetting their currency. All the above is wiping out corruption going back before the Romans and resetting an entire new financial coordinated system worldwide ?????

    Thank about it Coordinated Worldwide ???

    The amazing part is we have – “have” past tense , gone through WW III and the public has no clue. We are finishing the war now.

    We can’t have an RV with Trillions / Quadrillions hitting the street before the infrastructure NESARA / GESARA is ready with the current leaders . Those leaders must be taken down but taken down in a manner that “most” people will buy into .

    They have always said a huge part of the puzzle is getting rid of 3 global players. O, I’m leaving out the Federal Reserve gone , Quantum and a lot more .

    • The Queen is gone in a perceptive nice way
    • The Pope is stepping down appointing new Cardinals in a preceptive nice way
    • And Biden is one the Cliff ready to fall – Just Heard today , Harris and Pelosi were arrested, that means Biden is close and above 1 & 2 is near – I don’t think he will go down in a nice way

    Which means the RV is near as well

    I’m not going into Iraq’s leaders , they are ready and the value has been determined

    Patience – this is the largest Financial Shift , Largest Wealth Shift , Largest Economic Global Coordinated Shift – In History


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