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    Water Walker
    First and foremost, thank you Jesus Christ for being a God that sits high and looks low!!!  Thank you for laying down your life for me and for being the ultimate example of humility through “homelessness!”  I’m so thankful you have no respect of character and that your love abounds . . . That you love us as far as the East is from the West!

    As for my family here on Dinar Chronicles, let me tell you what your prayers did . . .  If you looked at my post with the attachments, I’ve been applying day after day for jobs, all kinds, all places and NOTHING!  After I did a shout out to B Polo I went through the hotel binder and found agencies . . . The very same agencies that I was referring others to in a volunteer capacity was right here in this community.  They would NOT help me pay for the hotel.  But, they would help me with a security deposit or first month’s rent.  I made it to the appointment and they did a pledge of $500 for my Security Deposit on an apartment.  I’m following up with an agency next week with the first month’s rent, $1650.

    Meanwhile, the hotel where I am staying has a Front Desk position that they want to fill because the person in the existing position is not doing such a great job.  I was prompted by Management to immediately submit my application.  If I get that job, I get a room for $30/night as opposed to the the daily computer rate that changes night after night.

    I also found a restaurant near the hotel that is looking for an Assistant Manager.  I worked in a restaurant for almost nine (9) years until COVID.  First I lived off of savings then I went to agencies for support.  In case you aren’t aware, all of the state agencies have your information in their database and they will NOT overlap funding or services.  Therefore, you might be able to receive assistance one (1) time a year.

    If you’re like me, you need help more than one time a year!  All of the Job Training agencies deny me assistance because of my degrees and higher education.  Yet, they say their programs are for “low-income populations.”   What?  You can’t have low-income and higher education?  There are so many barriers in all of these systems!

    I could not get my Unemployment because the company changed the requirements; you must sell alcohol because they lost over $300,000+ in one (1) quarter due to COVID.   I was hired as a Server; not a Bartender!  I’m in Ministry and I will not sell alcohol to drug addicts and alcoholics . . .  Not to anyone!  I’m NOT judging those who do . . . I’m LOVING THOSE WHO DO!  All of the government hand-outs, I did not take.  Instead, I went job hunting!

    Here I am, two years later, still unemployed!  But, with your prayers I can see doors opening.  Not one agency, not one organization, etc. has even considered giving me a job up until this week!  I have had long conversations with the Managers.  The Manager at the hotel is a Christian!  The entire staff is very hospitable!  No one telling me, “Go get it myself!   No one telling me “We don’t have towels or blankets.”  No bites from flees from other peoples pets.  No broken microwaves.  No broken refrigerators.  No rooms without heat!  I’M SO THANKFUL!

    Until this thing happens, (because they keep moving the finish line) I need help!  I need monies to pay for a room DAILY.  You all know I’m here with a Son with a disability in remission from Colon Cancer.  I’m doing everything I can to hold on because I know personally what it’s like to be without.  I’m an orphan and I no longer have any ANCESTORS; they all died over the thirteen (13) years I’ve been on this mission field.  YOU ALL HAVE BECOME MY FAMILY!

    Granted, there are things I have a challenges with because I had a stroke in 2018.  HOWEVER, I’M WILLING AND ABLE TO DO WHATEVER THE LORD CHOOSES!   THAT’S WHY I GO OUT AND VOLUNTEER DAILY!  MY HANDS WORK! MY FEET WORK!  MY MIND WORKS!  I WANT TO WORK!!!

    Nonetheless, until I get a job, I need your help!  I can’t pay for the room without your help!  Please!  I have to stay in this community to be eligible for the first month’s rent assistance from this community agency.  Please help me.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR LOVE AND FOR BEING MY FAMILY!




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