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    Gary S T Cordice
    For many years I have worked in the theatre world and i have always struggled with just making a career in the theatre without really feeling its connection with my spiritual aspirations and path.

    Over the last five years I realised that i wanted to use all of my spiritual understanding and write plays, and compose music, create a new platform for the Arts that is intended to pioneer and usher in a Golden Age of new writings in tune with the Universe as much as possible, to be an instrument for the uplifting of humanity.

    I live in England and many years ago we had walking upon the soil of Great Britian, a great philosopher, lawyer, scientist and dramatic writer, his name was Sir Francis Bacon. He serve under both Queen Elizabeth the First and King James the First. He too had a desire to uplift the consciousness of humanity, with all he had written.

    I am writing plays and songs to reintroduce this great man upon the english speaking peoples minds. He had often said that his works and words in a distant future would find expression again and give hope to humanity. I believe his time to re emerge and his works is now.

    I believe I have the ability to be one who brings his name again to light out of plays that are being given me from our higher states of being. In essence I want to be able to uplift humanity through my writing, writing which is needed for this unfolding Aquarian Age.


    At present so much of art, theatre and film is stale and has no connection to our spiritual (being) identity, we have been so dumbed down and kept ignorant, taking in a staple diet of things to distract us and keep us far from our own elevation and evolution, all in the name of entertainment!


    I am an actor, writer, singer, teacher, composer and would welcome the opportunity to set up a base of operation, which also includes drama and singing workshops as a form of healing practise.

    I need to be freed up enough to work and support my mother who I look after and be sustained without worrying where the next paycheck is coming from.


    I work as a gardener at present but am aiming to lessen this work to focus more on my creative projects.


    I am at present slowly working on building up a website.


    Thank you,

    Best regards,


    Gary Cordice




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