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    A pleasant day to all of you.

    I am a designer and I have an etsy store, hoping to earn for my daily necessities. I have lost everything due to having gone through the process of assisting on a phenomenal event. Since the process is done at our level since 2021, I am left with nothing to at least sustain until the blessings arrive.

    If you could make a purchase at my etsy store, at least I can still hold on for a few more days or hours.

    Donation would be a delightful assistance. At least I can pay for my rent, food, and internet.

    Although I’m not in a near death situation, just hanging on a thin thread at the end, but I have an approved humanitarian projects, that is the reason I want to survive until the blessings will arrive at our pockets.

    Aside from my approved humanitarian projects, I also have a personal business project to help the less fortunate and talented individuals through arts.

    If you could assist me, my heartfelt gratitude and a prayer that God will bless you sevenfold.

    Thank you.




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