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    Submitted by Carol Williams:

    I share some information about myself.
    I just had my 84th birthday on March 2nd of 2023.
    I have actually been homeless since Nov. 2016.
    My business failed and I had to move from my place in Boise, ID.

    I have paid rent for rooms or a space in an apartment and either my roommates died or had to move elsewhere.

    The last move was from Shreveport LA to Tyler, TX.

    My 2 years in Shreveport were happy & wonderful. My precious friend moved to Amarillo TX and I had to move to Tyler TX where I slept on my daughter’s couch from June until October 31st of 2022.

    I have been a part of the foreign currency program for 10 years. I have a serious amount and plan to be a Humanitarian with my funds.

    I am only one of the multiple thousands that have had abusive family regarding that which we so wisely chose to participate in. My abuse actually got me ordered out of my daughter’s apartment the end of October 2022.

    I have been on a low income HUD waiting list since September of 2022.

    Bank records, application done and I have had to wait now for 5 months and 9 days in a motel/hotel to be accepted at THE COTTAGES in Bullard, TX

    Some 5-6 weeks ago I was informed there was a vacancy and I said loudly YES I want it when I was asked.

    Now, WHY have I had to wait these additional 5-6 weeks? During the past couple of weeks I reached out to The East Texas Food Bank. I learned from Irene that “I should have been notified and accepted within 7 days once they started working my application.”

    Of course my Social Security only covers two weeks of motel charges.

    The rest has been covered by a Ministry snd the kindness of long time friends.

    During all these several difficult months I have not had any family I could depend on even for transportation as I do not even have a car.

    Because I am a Military widow I now am set up for the Military GoBus to provide that service. This past Thursday that GoBus took me to the Texas Dept. of Transportation DMV Office!! I FINALLY have my Texas REAL ID!!

    This 2nd motel is nearly twice as expensive as the first one, but my Idaho Veteran friend chose this place and paid for my stay here from December 18th for a month.

    Since then it has been a terrifying struggle to keep me safe here at this Studio6 motel.

    The reason I am taking the time to explain all this is that I have noticed your post regarding helping some of us struggling folks and as I have shared with you this 5 months and 9 days agonizing time has been extremely difficult.

    My friend Ellen from Northern Idaho has been in this currency program 17 years. Her 60 year beloved husband just past away 2 days ago. So she and I are both widows. My husband died in 2017.

    She just sent me a text with some encouraging news. You no doubt have the same …


    I am presently 3 weeks behind in my motel pay of $420.00 per week.

    Compared to how well some of us have prepared for our lives that is a small amount. To a widow 84 with no car and an abusive family situation that is an impossible mountain to climb. Yes I am a Christian with strong faith, but how do I get over this mountain?

    In addition to all of the previous information I am still struggling with getting my SNAP Food stamp card funded!!

    The text info Ellen sent me was encouraging but we have been there countless times.

    For any kindness provided for me I will be deeply grateful.

    My name is…
    Carol Williams
    775 224 1451

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