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    Posted for Lucas. Please contact me if you wish to help.


    I’m sending this email using google translate, because I’m from Brazil. I already send two email before asking about guess post with people asking for help and after a while dinar created the “Lend a Helping Hand” but i don’t have a way to create a account on PayPal, and my situation is: an accident 11 years ago left me in the condition of – retired due to disability – I already had surgeries just to be mobile because before that I couldn’t even walk and even today I find myself in this situation of retired due to disability, my father has been unemployed since 2016, we lost our house in 2018 and came to live on rent, since February since year 2023 it has been a very difficult struggle to pay bills/food. I see people posting on the dinar website in the same or even worse conditions than I do with my family. I’m already 40 years old and I can’t work due to this physical situation. I only have a Nubank account which I believe accepts international deposits, as I said I cannot create a paypal account. I can send photos of the surgeries I had in 2016 that show the removal of the muscles that had to be removed for my mobility to return and I can send my CPF number, which here in Brazil is proof that the person is real and I can also send a print of the application of the government agency here in Brazil that pays pensions called – INSS. So you can see I’m not lying.

    I am waiting for a response from this email if I can really count on any financial help for this month/food bills.

    I will not ask for help again, it will only be this time because as I said I see the posts of many who are in equal or worse conditions than my family and I are. And God has used people to be able to help those in need. My dad doesn’t hold coins for the RV, what he expects is a commission, but the wait has been too hard to deal with and the days are getting tougher.

    Thank you and I hope to know with the answer if I can send the: photos of surgeries my CPF number printscreen proving that I am retired due to disability

    Nubank account to make the deposit

    God bless you all


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