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    From Logan B:

    What Christmas? My wife lost her job 3 months ago. Covid. My daughter lost her job and is moving back home. I am going to be expected to provide for the three of us on my crappy low paying job that I hate with all my soul. The bank wanted to take my house. This has been the worst year yet. All Christmas means to me is I will get a two day break from bill collectors hounding me.

    I do love Jesus but I am very upset with him. God told the Alliance a few months ago to get this done because it has taken far too long and he has other things He wants them to do but here we are. I don’t if I will forgive them for making my family go through a Christmas like this.

    They have until January 1st to get this done. Unlike the Sons of the Light that have sluffed off St. Germain’s idea of abundance for over 400 years the sons of the dark plan to enact their version of a reset with their digital money and they will do it. God probably won’t help us after that if this is what people are forced to choose and I don’t even want to think about what that will mean.

    I wish all of you the Merriest Christmas ever but as for me I am done with it. I am going to take down the tree because there is nothing to put under it and Saint Nickeless is not going to show.

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    Donna Settle
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Prayers for you Logan B. in your angry discouraged state.   Myself likewise.  I totally understand why you feel the way you do.  This is so hard!  Everyday I pray for the debt jubilee because we all need relief in order to survive physically, as in food on the table and shelter over our heads.  I haven’t been able to pay any major bills on-time and have been in one payment plan after another:  first the power bill, then credit card bill that I’m still working to catch up and now the mortgage company.  Oh yes I forgot.  I totally stopped paying one credit card company.  I am on social security and a small pension.  So Logan B. I will pray for all of us to keep on keeping on until the debt jubilee rescues us from this matrix nightmare.  🙏</p>


    Thank you Donna.
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