I Need to Move or I will be Homeless

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    John Loftus
    I am an American and i have lived in Thailand for 26 years (1997)

    Around 2013 they made a rule that you can not have a work permit unless you have a bachelor’s degree. I can not work.

    My brother won’t help me because he does not believe in the RV.

    When the RV arrives, I will be OK. I have an Associates degree in art. They want me out of the house in this month of May.

    If I’m thrown out of this house I will lose all of my art supplies and equipment plus everything I own and things I got from my deceased parents. I will be homeless with out any possessions. My passport expires in November. If I don’t renew it I will be put in jail for overstay. If anyone can help me with money for securities and rent for a new house and money to replace my passport I will be happy and reward will be generous when the RV happens. Thank you for any help you can provide. Pray the RV comes soon.


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