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    Marilyn Robertson
    I would like to start by saying I am a Christian I am a woman of God. My name is Marilyn and I have lived on Social Security for 17 years. I live with family because I have no choice. I now do not have a chair for my living room due to living in poor living conditions it was taken over by roaches. once moving I could not take it with me. I’ve never owned a home. I live on $12,000 a year and over half of that goes for expenses. I have many health conditions and I have to live with my family. So we live upstairs where I could not get out going up and down the stairs is very challenging. I would like to move back to an area around a different child. But I’d like to live on my own. I’ve never owned a home big or small. I’d like to have furniture for my new home. I live on a bed that my mother gave me seven years ago. It is past worn out. I would like to drive again. I do not own a vehicle because I am so poor I would like to get my drivers license back because the date expired over the winter.

    If you could help me, I would be very appreciative . Anything that you can do would be an appreciation please feel free to contact me at my email. I pray that God will bless you and keep you during your endeavors.

    Anything that you can do would be an appreciation please feel free to contact me at my email. I pray that God will bless you and keep you during your endeavors.


    Marilyn Robertson


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    Hi Marilyn…

    I was a passenger in a car when I was 23 … that caused a TBI … seizures started… my first challenge was to survive on $45.00 for the month…then it went to $60. It has been more then 30 years this way. I have tried repeatedly to work yet TBI limitations have changed my life and acceptance became the lesson.  I think the greatest lesson for me is gratitude for what I do have not what compares to others. I have found “Be still and know that I am God” huge in my life. I don’t have family and yet I have the biggest family among believers in Christ. What I keep learning is MY LIMITS set parameters…Jesus said “so that you think so that you are..” That has been hard to grasp. But here is what I have noticed…my desires are NOT like most. When I do get a surprise check, I find it curious that I don’t want ANYTHING. “Humble yourself beneath the might hand of God..and in due time He will exult you..” Humbling myself and getting beyond my want to see how I can help others has been a learning curve..as well as GRATITUDE, repentance & Forgiveness. Over COVID I was in NY having surgeries related to someone running a red light & totaling my car…BUT I’M STILL HERE. God showed me…right before 2nd surgery when feeling sorry for myself. Was listening to a joyful wheel chair bound accident survivor. Also as I was recovering from the 3 surgeries I asked the Lord to raise up memories I need to forgive or repent of …HE DID. They would surface swiftly … memories I thought were forgiven came up deeper…Whatever He brought up I prayed on.  Anyway…the reason I wrote was…I feel the “$$” as well BUT I FEEL IT LESS.  I am NOT PERFECT for sure but when I am in a good place I have seen Him multiple what I do have and stretch it further. Lately it has been challenging with all the fear porn pushing… I have known little yet when I asked the Lord I got “YOU LIVE LIKE YOUR POOR WHEN YOU ARE RICH.” Rich is NOT things it is character, joy, endurance, patience, long suffering, compassion….everything I want to be that NEVER DIES!  They are facets of LOVE..that is what helps me deal with limits He has allowed in my life. I just pray to do it well in this moment so HE can be seen not my limits…or what I think are limits. I feel I am the better for the TBI…NOT BECAUSE I WANTED IT…but because it has been my thorn for in my weakness is HE made strong.  The love and companionship of my dogs through the years has been unconditional like God’s and it has melted my heart even more.

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