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    Posted for this lady.

    There’s a lady in our RV community that had to flee a very abusive relationship. She has sent me pictures but I promised to keep them private as I try to keep her safe in a hotel. With the incident she’s unable to work for a bit. She does not want to get police involved is why she hasn’t gone to domestic violence shelter which is understandable. There’s a level of embarrassment there.

    If you would please send a plea to the community for help to keep her safe for now? If members of our humanitarian community could give $5 as a whole we can help this great humanitarian woman who has big plans post RV to help others.

    Thank you for your time blessings to you for all you do for our community looking forward to changing the world one person at a time.

    Love &  blessings to you!

    I only have Cash app since PayPal went woke.

    I attached Cashapp id $lovelightwarrior


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