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    Dear beautiful IDC family,

    As our journey nears the end, it has been wonderful sticking together, holding each other’ hand so that we could reach the other side together…..it hasn’t been easy, but God has been with us all, and He has everything planned out for our good.

    In my country, right now the children who have sat for their primary school education final examination are supposed to join high school on 7th this month.  They will study in high school four years after which if they pass the final examination they will join university.  The government only pays 10% of the school fees required. The parent has to pay the other part of school fees and all the other requirements, that is uniform, bedding, books etc.

    As we speak right now I could not sleep last night. Five children have come to me pleading for my help. I had a school which I started in 2012 and was forced to close in 2018 when my landlord evicted me because of rent. I was only helping poor and needy children to get education, food and uniform. I did not have any  other funding apart from  our family transport business which collapsed in 2017  due to unavoidable circumstances. These children believe I can still help, but my hands are tied. One of them came looking for me at noon yesterday, she couldn’t find me at home and she had to wait until nightfall…..she came with her calling letter from her new school. She is asking for even old used shoes, old used text books……she is the first born and her mother is single, no source of income….. another girl came two days ago, she doesn’t have uniform, also of a single mother. Another one is a boy of a single father who struggles to fend for them and whatever he earns can’t even cater for 3 square meals per day. Here manual jobs they pay 3$ per day, and right now only 2kg of maize floor is 2$, no breakfast, no vegetables to with the maize meal,…. people are suffering out there …

    I don’t want to go into more details, I might take the whole day….my plea is, if you can see these through spiritual eyes, and understand through the love of God, kindly let us join hands and help these innocent children to brighten their future….we don’t have to do everything, but anything you heart permits you, whichever way God will enable you dear brothers and sisters, I will be very grateful for you helping me to put a smile on these young people’s faces….if you can help with anything, kindly let me have your contact so that I can send you pictures of whatever you have given and the one receiving it….

    That is my kind and heartfelt plea.

    May God bless all.

    My PayPal is rbunyua@gmail.com

    Thank you so much Patrick….


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