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    Submitted by Kimberly R:

    My name is Kimberly R. I’m 52 years old and my health isn’t the greatest but I’ve been independent and self sufficient my entire life. I’ve never been one to ask for help but the past year, while waiting on this RV I have lost everything. I don’t have a car, I lost my job and I lost my apartment 3 weeks ago. I have exhausted my savings just trying to stay afloat. Now I am wandering the streets of Dallas, Tx with a suitcase a bag of dog food and my Great Pyrenees. I have $600 a month to live on now. I signed up to donate plasma to make some extra money so i could buy a cheap RV or get another apartment but two days ago while donating my blood pressure bottomed out and the center had to call an ambulance. I’m not allowed to donate anymore so there goes $900 that I needed so desperately. I can work but without a place to live and leave my dog and without phone service it’s been impossible to secure new employment. I am in dire straights and am at my wits end at this point. The streets of Dallas is not a good place to be. The other night I heard shot gun blasts going off close by. I don’t sleep at all at night because sleeping at night as a woman in the street can mean rape or murder .. at minimum it will get me robbed. I’ve already had my shoes stolen. Heaven forbid someone steals my currency before i get to exchange. I have never been homeless and I have ZERO STREET SMARTS.  I would not have made the past 3 weeks if I wasn’t a kind and generous person. I’m a good person with a good heart. I’m out here with almost nothing and still share what I have with someone who has less than I do. Last night I had a few cans of food and two apples and I gave a girl that hadn’t eaten in two days half of what I had. What happens to me though when I run out of things to share?  One of my planned humanitarian projects is to open up homeless centers in Dallas and help people get back on their feet. I plan to inform them of Nesara Gesara and medbeds too. I plan to do all of this without harsh words or judgement.  No human being should be living the way i am now regardless of reasons. I just plan to love everyone and treat them with respect and kindness the same way that I always have.  I have zim, dong and dinar but dont have enough to sell to get the money I need. If i sold all the foreign currency i have it would bring me maybe $300. I wish I had more. I know the RV is close but I am out of options at this point and no longer have the luxury of waiting. I know if I don’t get some help that I am not going to make it. I am not asking for a handout. I am asking for a loan to be paid back in full plus interest upon currency exchange. I  have enough income now to cover the monthly rent but need help with deposit and first month rent. Once I am off the street and have a place to leave my dog I can concentrate on finding another job. I need maybe $1000 and I am willing to sign paperwork as a promise to pay back.

    I know times are hard everywhere for everyone but my situation is literally now one of life or death. If anyone could find it in their hearts to give me a temporary hand up I would appreciate it more than you will ever know.

    My cash app is $BreeRob70
    My PayPal is
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    Hi Bree,

    Sent you what I could, along with some distant healing,  and I have been homeless a couple of times, so I am feeling it again with you.
    I have a little bit of unsolicited advice for you that I am having to take myself:  What we know about the nearness of the Redemption is hearsay. We are at war and can’t clearly tell truth from fiction. We could be months or a year away for real. They’ve always told us that we are waiting for an event, not a date.
    So pray for what you need right now specifically and use your Creator-given power to manifest safety and peace inside yourself and your life, so you can be the Rock this world needs. Don’t wait for the RV. Save your self and your pet now.
    Sending Love to you both,


    Kimberly R
    Thank you so much Miranda. I appreciate the kind words and the donation. I know the RV may be a ways away. The information changes daily. Believe me, I’m not counting on it or trying to wait for it. That’s why I was trying to get a loan. I can’t save myself or my beautiful baby girl without help and there just isn’t much to go around out here. I need 4 walls and a roof so I can find another job. When I wrote my original letter I knew it was a longshot but I had to try. Anyway, thank you again. May God Bless you for taking the time to read my plea for help and for reaching out to me.
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