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    Who is going to tell the people of the world that we are moving from the ‘Gregorian to Julian’ calendars and when they are to happen? This needs to get out ASAP and not just word of mouth if it is true.

    It was stated; “Pre-Christmas Mayhem Dec 25, Christmas cancelled to Christmas January 7 [Done in 30] because of Calendar Flip [Gregorian to Julian]” but just as the news of NESARA was to be ANNOUNCED to the Public of the ‘Green Light’ you can only get it on a few blogs or word of mouth.

    According to what has been said this is a thirteen day change backwards where on December 25, 2022 it will become December 12, 2022 all over again.

    But is that when it is to change?

    And what is this [Done in 30] as this needs to be explained to all? It will take 30 days to change going back 13 days?

    Is the NESARA announcement for the public going to happen in the Gregorian or the Julian calendar?

    Will Congress begin session in the Gregorian or the Julian calendar where the White Hats have 13 extra days to fulfill their actions?

    Is Christmas going to be canceled in the Gregorian calendar and then we have it only in the Julian calendar?

    Is that going to be confirmed and approved by the world to change it at one time? For example; on Sunday Dec 25 at 6:00 AM in New Zealand it will have already changed to Monday Dec 12 at 6:00 AM, but only be Saturday Dec 24 at 5:00 PM in the UK and 9:00 AM in California and their clocks haven’t changed.

    If this happens on a Saturday or Sunday then some religions may not have their day of sabbath for that week and they will be very upset.

    Or is this where it changes in New Zealand to start with at 12:00 AM their time on December 25 to then go back 13 days and every hour it will change for every other time zone for the next 24 hours?

    Or will this go by GMT as everyone will change at the same time, but their days will become a day later as it is only 13 days and not 14?

    Who decides all this? Will this become confusing.


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    Donna Settle
    My questions exactly; but no answers. It seems such a major undertaking.
    The world is not moving from the Gregorian to the Julian calendar. That is why no one has been told anything.

    The discrepancy in dates between the two calendars is used by the RV and NESARA hoaxers to explain why none of their predictions ever come true.

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